Welcome to STEAM 

Home of great computers to include: 

STEAM BOX™  and the

High performance gaming and development computing 
platforms. STEAM™ provides a true open source platform 
where you can run the operating system you desire. 
STEAM systems are fully configurable and you can 
easily switch out the processor to meet your needs and 
budget. Some of the features and options include:

Open platform - Apple iOS, Ubuntu (Linux), MS
High Speed  3 GHz and faster processors
8 Gb of high speed RAM, upgradeable to 32G
Solid-State drives - no head crashes 6Gb/s transfer rates
Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
(10) USB ports
HDMI high performance graphics
Low Power Consuption 
Ability to employ battery battery backup - never lose a game again
Installed video imaging camera - allows you to be seen as your gaming

STEAMis working hard to keep pace with gaming 
demands and technology developments.  We have 
shipped a number of units and provided some demo 
units all across the United States and we are working 
to continually refine and improve our systems. We 
are also hopeful of conducting a successful 
KICKSTARTER campaign very soon.  

Please watch as we grow. Thank you!